Meggitt Cable Assemblies

Meggitt Safety Systems, part of Meggitt’s plc’s Aerospace Equipment division, has received Federal Aviation Administration certification for use of its silicon dioxide (SiO2) engine cables in the engine fire warning systems of the Boeing 737 Next Generation family of commercial airplanes. Initial shipments for installation by the launch customer in the hot sections of CFM56-7 engines have begun.


The Meggitt cables, which will replace the original organic wire harnesses, eliminate the frequent maintenance needed to replace organic cabling, offering extensive life cycle cost savings. These SiO2 cables have already replaced standard engine wire harnesses on the MD-11 and several 747-400 aircraft.


Meggitt Safety Systems is a leading provider of silicon dioxide solutions for a wide variety of commercial and military aircraft including those that address a problem common to ageing aircraft: frequent engine wire harness failures in extreme environments.


Meggitt’s cables offer numerous advantages over organic engine wire harnesses including light weight, tight bend radius, smaller diameter, superior mechanical durability and high-quality performance in extremely hazardous conditions.

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