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Castle Microwave Cables offer high performance RF and Microwave coaxial cable assemblies, connectors and adapters.

To support your projects our cable assemblies are available from a range of online stock, sourcing from our suppliers and design your own custom assembly. We provide you with purchase online, use your Castle Microwave account.


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The manufacturers we support:


IW Microwave : Innovative specialists in the manufacture of microwave cable and cable assemblies for the commercial and military markets.

JyeBao : Offer an extensive range of connectors, adapters and cost effective cable assemblies, from semi-rigid, hand-bendable to flexible cables

Maury Microwave : Metrology grade calibration kits, VNA Test Port Cables, Stability and Utility cables for test laboratory uses through to precision inter-series adapters and attenuators

Meggitt Safety Systems : Manufactures a wide range of advanced cable systems based on SiO2 dielectrics that allow their products to operate in extremely hostile environments.

SV Microwave : Design and manufacture RF and Microwave coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and passive components designed for military, aerospace and commercial applications.

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